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2019 Games to be held Sat May 18th, 10 am at Miller/ Knox Park, Pt Richmond

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2018 team pic

2018 team pic

2019 Games to be held Sat May 18th, 10 am at Miller/ Knox Park, Pt Richmond

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This year’s games will be held in a new location. We’re moving to the East Bay. There is an amazing park on the water in Pt Richmond called Miller/Knox Park. Super cool spot with lots of space and much closer to home. Well, closer to my home anyway. Much easier to drop off and pick up equipment. As for the SF peeps, you could potentially take the ferry to Richmond, which is a short Uber ride to the park, PLUS it’s close (ish) to the great bowling facility, Albany Bowl (which is much larger than Presidio Bowl which will be more accommodating for us and increase or chances of actually bowling.) Also there are several solid dive bars down the street from there. So field events at Miller/ Knox and bowling at Albany Bowl is this May’s game plan.



1. - In order to compete you must:

- Bring $20 cash for the WINNER TAKE ALL CASH PRIZE - Have a real mustache or be wearing a dress

2. - Teams of two will be picked random before each team game.

3. - Any points accrued in single or team games go towards your personal score.

4. - Cleats are optional, so are any performance enhancers of any kind.

5. - Any and all discrepancies will be settled in a drink off.

6. - Tie scores will be resolved in a drink off.

7. - Bring a jersey. Ideally a “STACHE’LYMPICS” Jersey with your preferred nickname and number on the back.

8. - You must attend Bowling in order to win over-all.